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First post ever, don’t hate me to much


Who does ever think about the persons next to him/her in a bus or tram?

I mostly not. Why? I have my personal bubble that is my own world, we all have that, we all are listening to music tapping on our Smartphone. Everything out of that bubble is not that important.

Do we ever look who sits next to us?

Nope most times not… But what would happen if we changed that, if we did look around us, we would see much more, would it hurt us, I don’t think so. We live only once, around 80 to 90 years if we are lucky, we should live this time to the fullest.

And we can make others, even strangers happy when we give them some minute’s even seconds of our life.

You don’t believe me? Let me tell you a story (yey story time )

While I was on my way home from college some days ago, sitting bored in a tram listening to my music, I saw an old woman in front of me waving me. I was a bit shocked, why would a stranger do that. She was pointing to her ears and then to me and gave me a thumb up and a big smile… What happened, I was wearing some snowflakes earrings and the woman found them cute. But that’s not the point of the story and neither my now egoistic self who has cute earrings .

It’s that even when we are strangers the woman paid attention to her surrounding and made my day, with some small hand movements and a smile brighter….

Next time I will write about why we don’t say something to the stranger next to us, because we’re….


Ps. Hope you had fun reading this, if not let me know what I can do better…

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