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christmas time

It’s finally X-mas time… Everywhere I go I see fairy lights hanging. I love that but on the other side I hate this time. My hatred has nothing to do with presents hunting for family and friends. No it really hasn’t, finding the right present for someone I like is fun. It has more to do with our extravagant lifestyle everyone tries to have during this time.

We have a ton of food in the supermarkets, shops with everything we desire. But do we ever think of the people who are starving when we bite in our super big sandwich during lunchtime? Or when we buy our kids or siblings toys do we think of the kids who have to play with rocks or with puppets out of old clothes? Nope we only think of our own life and that we don’t want to lose our high life standard.

Sure there are a lot of donations during Christmas time. But do this people who donate really want to help others or are they doing it because it’s chic and to show off or is it for their own reputation. I don’t want to say every person who donates is like that but from my experience a lot people I know think like that and I find it really sad.

My goal this Christmas is to not only think about my own lifestyle, nope I will think of others to and help where I can, if that’s with giving my old cell to fund raisers I will do it… and maybe I will have one of my best Christmas times ever.

Wish you a merry Christmas

3.12.13 11:00
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